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About Us

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Championing Equine Welfare and Rescue Efforts

A Place for Peanut, Inc. stands as a beacon of hope and compassion for horses in need. Established in January 2016, our organization is more than just a non-profit equine horse rescue and therapy program—it's a sanctuary for transformation and healing. Our mission is clear and resolute: to rescue and rehabilitate horses, miniature horses, and donkeys, ensuring they receive the care and kindness they deserve. We extend a warm welcome to individuals and families who share our dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of these magnificent creatures.

Under the leadership of founder Megan Cardet, a lifelong equestrian with an unwavering commitment to equine welfare, A Place for Peanut tirelessly works to rescue equines facing dire circumstances. Megan's personal dedication fuels our organization's efforts to shed light on the hidden atrocities endured by unwanted horses. Many remain unaware of the existence of kill pens and the grim fate awaiting these animals—they are often shipped to Mexico for slaughter, subjected to a harrowing journey with no guarantee of survival.

Proudly recognized as a recipient of the GreatNonprofits Top-Rated badge, A Place for Peanut upholds a standard of excellence and transparency in all our efforts. Your contributions to our 501c3 can be made with confidence, knowing that your support directly impacts the lives of rescued horses.

The fate of unwanted horses is undeniably distressing, yet with your support, we can rewrite their stories. Explore Peanut's backstory to grasp the horrors of kill pens and the profound significance of rescue efforts. Your generosity not only transforms the lives of these animals but also enriches our collective humanity. Together, we have the power to make a difference—one hoofbeat at a time.

Peanut’s Story

A Place for Peanut was founded in January 2016 so that others can experience the joy of spending quality time with a horse. But it is also a refuge for horses whom would otherwise face unspeakable plights.

From Desperation to Hope

Meet Peanut, a miniature filly standing at just 29 inches tall. One might assume that such a darling, pint-sized horse would be cherished as someone's beloved pet, but sadly, this was not Peanut's reality.

Peanut's story began in a Texas "kill pen," a grim place where horses find themselves through various paths. Tragically, Peanut was torn from her mother, who faced the unthinkable fate of slaughter.

This horrific destiny awaits countless horses transported to Mexico, where they are slaughtered for meat consumption in foreign countries. Fortunately, Megan stepped in, intercepting Peanut's path to despair. Today, Peanut thrives among her herd mates, safe and loved.

Peanut's resilience and spirit serve as the driving force behind Megan's tireless rescue efforts. Together, they call Houston, Texas home, where they continue their mission to raise awareness about the plight of horses who end up in kill pens. Through their advocacy, countless horses have been rescued, rehabilitated, and found loving homes. Many have even become integral members of their equine therapy program, spreading healing and joy to those in need.

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