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  • What is the process for adopting and/or fostering?
    You will need to fill out an application which can be found under the form section on our website. Once the form filled out and returned, someone will get in contact with you and set up a site visit.
  • What does it cost to adopt?
    Our adoption fees vary. This helps us pay for bailing the animals out of the kill pens, quarantining them for a month, vet check, immunizations, and worming.
  • How does fostering work?
    Our fosters are the key to the entire program! Without their big hearts and generous spirit, we would not be able to rescue the animals we do. They must fill out the application (same as adoption application) and be approved. They are responsible for the entire upkeep including feed and medical care of the equine until it is adopted. For more detailed information on fostering, please review the “Foster Home Checklist” and “Foster Contract” under forms on our website.
  • How long does it take to adopt?
    It varies. Some adoptions takes as little as a few days to complete while others may take several weeks. If the adopter is flexible with when they can schedule the home visit, the adoption often occurs very quickly.
  • Can I meet the horse I want to adopt before I apply?
    Yes, as long as you are pre-approved for adoption. In fact we encourage you to meet the equine you are interested in and to speak to the foster as our goal is to create the perfect match!
  • Are there any tax benefits to fostering?
    Yes! Since APFP is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, expenses incurred on behalf of your horses may be tax deductible. This includes hay, grain, fly spray, halters, leads, shavings, etc. You cannot deduct additions to your property such as stalls, fences, barns, etc.—even if they are used for fostering horses since these are permanent additions to your property. Although every individual/situation is different and we cannot give tax advice we suggest saving your receipts and keeping a list of expenses for your accountant for when it’s tax time.
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