How It Works

A Place for Peanut is funded solely from donor support and our adoption fees, so Sponsors go a long way in keeping our barn doors open and the hay loft full. When at full capacity, it costs over $2,000 a month just to feed the horses in our care. Add on the Veterinarian, the Farrier, and other bills like electricity, it all adds up. A Place for Peanut has a volunteer based staff, so you can be certain your funds are going where they belong- directly to the horses.

Without help, we cannot sustain our mission to save these horses. Consider donating on PayPal or purchasing from our Amazon Wishlist.


You can also send a check to:

A Place for Peanut, Inc.
6681 Bayou Glen
Houston, TX 77057

For those who would like to be a monthly sponsor for a particular horse or group of horses, we have our  “Faithful Friends Program.” Sponsors will get a picture of their horse and get updates of how they are doing and coming along. Sponsors can also visit their horses with appointments. It’s the best way to “have a horse” without fully supporting it.

The horses are so grateful for a second chance at life and are blossoming into the horses God meant them to be. Please adopt a horse, sponsor a horse, or donate to help cover the costs. We are a non profit and have 501C3 tax exempt status, so all of your donations are tax deductible.

Sponsorships can be a one time gift, or may continue until the horse you support is adopted.

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Looking to become a sponsor? Get in touch today to get started!