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Sponsor a Horse

We keep a number of horses in our forever herd. These horses will live out the rest of their days with the love and care they deserve.

Sponsoring a horse helps support their medical and daily care. Our sponsors receive updates and photos of their horse and are welcome to come visit anytime!

Corporate Sponsor

We partner with a number of business to help promote their goods and services at our events throughout the year. These sponsors help keep our daily operations up and running.

We encourage our corporate sponsors to visit anytime to see their donations at work!

A Place for Peanut is funded solely from donor support and our adoption fees, so Sponsors go a long way in keeping our barn doors open and the hay loft full. When at full capacity, it costs over $2,000 a month just to feed the horses in our care. Add on the Veterinarian, the Farrier, and other bills like electricity, it all adds up. A Place for Peanut has a volunteer based staff, so you can be certain your funds are going where they belong- directly to the horses.

Without help, we cannot sustain our mission to save these horses. Consider donating on PayPal or purchasing from our Amazon Wishlist.


You can also send a check to:

A Place for Peanut, Inc.
6681 Bayou Glen
Houston, TX 77057

The horses are so grateful for a second chance at life and are blossoming into the horses God meant them to be. Please adopt a horse, sponsor a horse, or donate to help cover the costs. We are a non profit and have 501C3 tax exempt status, so all of your donations are tax deductible.

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Looking to become a sponsor?
Get in touch today to get started!

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